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FIC is the brainchild of established writer and Director Mike Clarke and Hollywood visionary artist Paul Gerrard ( Evil Dead Rise, D&D, Hellraiser Origins, MOTU Dark, Indy 5) . We develop comics and graphic novels alongside movie and TV scripted adaptations. We are an in-house I.P development studio foucssing on original content. Whether it be to support for a film pitch, global franchice or a dream come true to see your I.P in comic form. 

‘It is time to unleash our stories and work with clients to create new worlds and new franchises.  Launching new I.P’s with one eye well and truly looking towards TV/FILM/OTHER and another one on the comic book space’

At FIC we oversee every stage of the process from the initial script adaptation to hand picking the best artists for your needs. Pencillers, colourists, letters, cover artists, conceptual design. We art direct the entire project.

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Paul Gerrard

CEO/Art Direction/design

P.A.Gerrard has worked on some of Hollywoods most successful movies and Tv shows as a major concept designer. As an artist his designs can be seen in Hellboy, Battle Los Angeles, The Wrath of the Titans, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Shannara Chronicles, His Dark Materials, Dungeons and Dragons, Indiana Jones and many more. He plays a key part in green lighting shows by creating artworks for showbibles. Art Director for multiple Chinese animation projects and professor of arts for the Jilin Film and Animation institution, China.


Mike Clarke


An avid film fan all his life, Mike started to learn filmmaking before his teenage years and continued to develop his style with short films in the early '90s. These films first helped him to be recognized by critics in movie magazines all over the world. Described as one of "Britain's best up-and-coming filmmakers" Mike Clarke is now moving into feature films with the horror movie Karli (co-directing with Paul Gerrard) and the epic drama The Sand Sea.




"Paul Gerrard is a conceptual visionary who consistently produces work of mind bending originality.’"

Miles Millar / Showrunner : The Shannara Chronicles.


"If you can imagine taking the nightmares of Giger and the dystopian scope of Beksinski one step further , then you can imagine the work of Paul Gerrard"

Jonathan Liebesman / Director : TMNT, Battle LA, Halo.


"Master Gerrard's work penetrates the numbed pleroma of our hellborne gothic consciousness like some bastard biomechanical spawn of Clive Barker and H.R. Giger, hotwiring long dormant circuits and conjuring chiaroscuro dreamscapes at once shockingly alien and brutally famillar in a symphony of twisted body armour, chitin, kevlar and tortured flesh. There are indeed new worlds here and new and deeper hells, proof positive that chaos never died."

Richard Stanley / Director : Hardware, Dust Devil, Color Out of Space.

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