FIC is the brainchild of established writer and Director Mike Clarke and Hollywood visionary artist Paul Gerrard ( Evil Dead Rise, D&D, Hellraiser Origins, MOTU Dark, Indy 5) . We develop comics and graphic novels alongside movie and TV scripted adaptations. We are an in-house I.P development studio foucssing on original content. Whether it be to support for a film pitch, global franchice or a dream come true to see your I.P in comic form. 

‘It is time to unleash our stories and work with clients to create new worlds and new franchises.  Launching new I.P’s with one eye well and truly looking towards TV/FILM/OTHER and another one on the comic book space’

At FIC we oversee every stage of the process from the initial script adaptation to hand picking the best artists for your needs. Pencillers, colourists, letters, cover artists, conceptual design. We art direct the entire project.