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RIVALS : The Loyalty of Sago Astar

A live action TV show is now in development.

In a savage post apocalyptic world the gun has been replaced with the sword, the bullet replaced by the fist

Featuring action star/actor Gary Daniels. 

Rivals is a new action-packed world to rival all others. An explosive dark fantasy, violent saga set on a brutal post apocalyptic planet called Alter.  Developed as a TV series with plans for a feature film and graphic novel. Prepare for war, adventure and imagination, for it is coming is droves. Two warriors, one an elite royal guard, Sago Astar and another, a low level street thief, Bizon must fight for survival across dusty wastelands, shanty towns and armoured citadels. Across the seven regions of planet Alter as this desolate and brutal world throws everything it as has them to stop them uncovering its darkest secrets. RIVAL clans will become extinct and victorious in a never ending battle for supremacy of planet ALTER.

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"This is just simply cool. Action Star and martial arts ace Gary Daniels is featured in a new graphic novel series. I couldn’t think of any action star with the look to go with this and his name in the story is flat out action awesome."

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"This love letter to classic action cinema and fantastic horror is evident in Gerrard’s stunning artwork, promising a great addition to any comic fan’s collection."

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RIVALS is a gory, horror, martial arts apocalypse comic for 80's fans.

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One final fight to live for.

In a post apocalyptic world a dying security droid searches for his
graveyard and finds one final mission worth fighting for. The Android's Graveyard has been written as a 6 part comic series and feature film. To enquire about the feature film script please get in touch.

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